Data Quality

CRM & ERP data validation solutions

Integrate data governance and quality processes with front-end​ native add-ons for popular CRM and ERP systems such as Salesforce®, SugarCRM®, NetSuite®, Microsoft Dynamics® and SAP® to provide access to trusted data

Precisely offers application data management for the following CRM & ERP systems:


Easily integrate real-time and batch data quality processes into Salesforce for:

  • Global address validation & enrichment;
  • Email validation;
  • Phone number standardization;
  • Phone number append;
  • Watch-list matching to match individuals against sanctions lists (real-time only).

The connector enhances quality for both entities (e.g. customers or vendors) and transactions (e.g. sales orders and invoices). It works with Classic and Lightning versions of Salesforce, and supports Salesforce Sales, Service and Marketing clouds.


  • Bulk address validation;
  • Duplicate identification and merging;
  • Interactive address validation.

NetSuite: address and email validation.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

  • Global address validation (real-time/batch);
  • Interactive de-duplication (many-to-one merge);
  • Residential Delivery Indicator (RDIÔ) & Delivery Point Validation (DPVÒ) processing for US addresses;
  • Geocoding support;
  • Support for multiple entity types – accounts, contacts, leads, competitors, orders, invoices, quotes, etc;
  • Data Quality Reports.

Supported MS CRM On-premise versions – 2013, 2013 SP1 & 2015


  • Standardization and validation of global addresses;
  • Geocoding support;
  • Support for Delivery Point Validation (DPVÒ), Residential Delivery Indicator (RDIÔ), Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA), LACSLinkÒ & Early Warning System (EWS) processing (for US addresses);
  • De-duplication\ merging even for transaction entities (sales orders, purchase order, MM Invoices);
  • Batch address validation;
  • Address validation report based on address master view;
  • Error-tolerant\Fuzzy search.

Latest supported versions are: ECC 6.0 EHP7, CRM 7.0 EHP3, CRM ICWC and S/4HANA 1610- This connector is certified for BC_BAS_DES & BC_BAS_PV interfaces.

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Poste Maroc

Poste Maroc, a company that distributes letters and packages throughout Morocco, was using a long and tedious manual method to reduce mail that could not be delivered to customers. With the help of Precisely Spectrum, the company deployed an automated solution that streamlined address validation and has reduced the rate of undeliverable mail by approximately 90 percent.

“This was an exemplary project. We have already achieved payback on the solution with our first customer.”

Said Bellaouchou, Head of Addressing
Poste Maroc Group

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